Data Management

Data Management Services | Paper-based | Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

LLX provides DATA MANAGEMENT SERVICES in both PAPER-BASED and ELECTRONIC DATA CAPTURE (EDC) clinical trials per clients’ request. LLX has also developed proprietary tools and standards to work with these products to further enhance the process and provide our clients with a streamlined and efficient approach to data management that results in a quality end product.  

Data Management services include:

  • Case Report Form (CRF) design  
  • Database design, creation, and maintenance  
  • Annotated CRFs to both the database design and CDISC standards  
  • Data entry  
  • Data validation programming and testing  
  • Data cleaning and query management  
  • Laboratory data reconciliation  
  • Database lock  
  • Database transfer  
  • Creation and maintenance of safety database for a single study or a global repository  
  • Integration and verification of external electronic data  
  • EDC end user training  

Paper Based Data Management

For paper-based trials, LLX consultants have experiences in mainstream CDMS systems such as Clintrial™, and Oracle Clinical. Both management systems are scalable, having been deployed to manage thousands of clinical trials accommodating clinical study designs of various sizes and levels of intricacy.

Electronic Data Capture: Cost-effective e-solutions for your Clinical Research Program

For EDC studies, LLX has experiences working with industry leading EDC products such as  InForm™ , Medidata and other EDC products.  LLX can help your clinical research program streamline the data validation process and query resolution, reduce the time from first patient in to database lock.  LLX’s ability to build the EDC database allows flexibility to take a custom approach that precisely meets your needs and your budget.